Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Dime a Dozen

I'm sorta feeling like my blog is like a million other women who keep themselves busy with arts and crafts, baking, and buying cute stuff online. I don't think any of these things are invaluable, but I still feel a little like a copy cat. I have no idea how to make this more my own, but the question is on my mind.
Thought on Walmart: I shop at Walmart. I tried to boycott the place in high school after doing a paper on child labor and reading Nickel and Dimed, but I find it hard to keep away from the low prices that are driving countless small business out of business. I go into Walmart for a few quick items and walk out completely depressed. Walmart is the perfect place to go to see people at their ugliest. Aisle after aisle I hear parents shouting at their children, setting the perfect example of how not to treat a human being. If the parent isn't shouting, then their the children are screaming, demanding stuff, angry and annoyed. Why Walmart? Why don't I see this when I enter the Weaver, a local co-op? Climbing off my high horse now.

I got two of my favorite birthday gifts from the husband and the bff:

I love small jewelry, especially jewelry based off nature. The pine cones are from Light Years (thanks Kerri!) and the olive branches are from Urban Outfitters.

I've also found a lot of older pieces that I'm falling in love with. I can't remember where this broach came from. It was either my Nanny who gave it to me for my tenth birthday, or my Great Aunt Irene for a birthday years ago. I love the way it looks on a chunky scarf.

Bad things about today:
cold rain
hyper students
long staff meeting
5:45 ending sleep

Good things about today:
warm classroom
warm apartment
hugs from students
chicken pie
sweet tea
husband's smile

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