Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My First Big Disaster

If I didn't have a full time job I wouldn't get so impatient and rushed to complete a project. Last night I was frantically following the unclear, unspecific directions on the pattern (curse those cheap Walmart patterns!) trying to get my skit finished. I knew the waste band was going to be too small, and that if I didn't properly iron the gathered sides then it would be a disaster! I should have listened to what I was thinking. I spent a good thirty minutes with a seam ripper tugging at tiny stitches, flustered and ready to give up. I haven't touched the skit since. I'm going to mom...I'm in need of some guidance. What are mothers for?

By placing the skirt to the side, I was able to focus on other things, like baking some chocolate almond biscotti. The angry chicken blog I am obsessed with has really turned me into a book purchasing fend. I bought The Craft of Baking, which I used to make the biscotti. I'm really impressed with it. I also bought Make Your Place Affordable and Sustainable and The Herbal Home Remedy Book. I'm really not allowed to buy one more book from Amazon for the rest of the year.

Not only have I been purchasing books, but I recently spent an hour looking at for vintage fabrics. What do I need vintage fabrics for!?! I'm screwing up Walmart muslin! I saw that most were low in stock and just had to buy them. My favorite was a fabric called Paris in the Springtime. NPR was giving a free trip to Paris for "you and a sweetheart." Matt and I would be in heaven in France. The way they look at food as being a part of who they are is something Matt and I really relate to. We joked that if Sarah Palin ever gets into some sort of federal office, then we're on the first flight over to live under Parisian bridges. We're planning a trip for 2015. We're saving money, but I have a feeling that will go toward student loans and babies in the future. We just might be able to do it, if I stop buying books and fabrics online!

Other things on my mind:
I respect President Obama so much for his Q&A with Republicans. He renews my faith in politicians. Anybody wonder why Fox didn't broadcast it? Hmm...I wonder why.

The Hobbit- I'm currently rereading this great tale and have decided that Matt and I are closely related to hobbits. The food obsession, the need to surround yourself with comfort and friends, bright clothes, hairy feet, small stature. We're hobbits. I'm okay with being a hobbit. I'm not a tall, mysterious elf. I'm a life loving hobbit.