Friday, February 5, 2010

Take a breather...

Sewing is addictive and at times annoying. After completing a skirt that is just all together funky looking, I decided to pack up the sewing machine and store it in the closet for a few days, or weeks, but certainly not months. It is a learning process, and I find myself being more patient with my students when learning double digit multiplication, because I get the same frustrated look on my face when trying to sew in a zipper. Mom just informed me today you need a zipper foot to sew one on! Stupid pattern didn't mention that. I didn't want to put my machine up on a bitter note, so I made a baby bib for my imaginary baby...or one of my cousin's youngin's.
Another reason I'm contemplating putting sewing aside is because I want to focus on crocheting a hat with really long ear flaps you can use as a scarf, and I got to get going. My March issue of Martha Stewart just arrived full of flowers, gardens, and preserving recipes. I am anticipating spring's arrival because I can't wait to get my hands dirty in my parent's garden. Apartment living is affordable and easy, but nature isn't as accessible.
School was canceled again today, fourth time this week, and even though I am regretting all the work we will have to make up for, I am very grateful for a restful break. It's raining outside, my husband is sleeping next to me on the couch, and I have had time to get away from the consuming life of a school teacher.