Saturday, March 27, 2010

Things in motion

Finally I got some good manure on the ground to make my garden feel ripe and ready for some seeds and plants. I'm a little late on the parsley and cilantro. Hopefully we'll get one more good frost to help the out. I say that for the sake of the plants, because I would be just fine saying goodbye to cool weather. I'm going to test my soil tomorrow. You take a jar and fill it 2/3rds the way full with water, a squirt of dish liquid (not sure why), and fill with soil. Shake it up and allow it to settle for two days. When it settles you will see the ratio of clay, sand, and silt. I think that's right...I'm looking for something called loam soil. Let's hope.

I really love cooking greek food. It really doesn't require much cooking at all and it's usually healthy. My husband and I really enjoyed making this pan seared tilapia with quinoa, cucumbers, and feta from Everyday Food. For the recipe go to Shutterbean, a great food blog. Here was our addition:
TZATZIKI SAUCE! We bought a small container of Fage plain greek yogurt, used some of the diced cucumber, three garlic cloves, plenty of chopped fresh dill, a squirt of lemon juice and a little salt and pepper. I've been snacking on it all week. I really love it piled onto a wheat cracker.