Thursday, March 11, 2010


I don't like the word hobbies. That word makes the learning process sound always enjoyable and easy. You don't call school a "hobby." Is a hobby something that isn't necessary, or something that's less important? Pursed for pleasure? Point is, I didn't like it when Matt referred to my sewing/crocheting/etc as hobbies. I told him Div School was a hobby. He shakes his head.
I do think that it's pleasurable, but I have other motives and reasons. Reasons that include not making the highlight of my week a shopping trip or only tasting culinary magic at a restaurant. Creating is a powerful thing. Power to the people.

I'm pretty excited about these two books. I heard about A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg from several of the blogs I follow, but also because she writes baking articles for Bon Appetit that I look forward to reading every month. Her and her husband just opened up a pizzeria. I think this, like Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, would be a great book to read with a book club. I don't have enough friends close by, but maybe Kerri would be interested in it or Whitney. That's an idea...
Embroidered Effects looks to be full of valuable information for someone who knows nothing about the subject, like myself.

Today in class I played soccer for approximately two seconds with the boys. I thought I was cool running down the gym towards the unsuspecting goalie, boys screaming behind, at my very heels, when I go to kick, miss the ball and send my shoe flying right at the goalie's head. There's no one cooler than Mrs. Ballard. Same thing happened with the shoe during science. I didn't realize how much kicking teaching involves.

I went to the library in search for gardening books. I'm pretty obsessed and I'm thinking about naming it or something. I've already called Dad asking when will I get a chance to come over and feed the soil some cow poop. I feel like it's a pet or child or something that needs my love and attention. As if the plowed patch of dirt is lonely all by itself, feeling unloved. By the way, Matt went back on his word and is so excited about our baby garden.