Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blue Hare's Fur

That's the name of my favorite glaze we used in pottery class. The name sounds antique and rural, two things that I happen to love. It's also a great blue-green color that I adore. Pottery was really wonderful. I'm a tactile person, so pottery was very satisfying, especially the feel of the smooth, cool clay spinning between my palms. Everything about it involves being able to feel what is right or wrong with the clay. It felt very odd for me to be in a class setting where I had to try and be creative and use my hands to create decent pieces that were functional and sound. If felt like I was trying to write with my left hand. I did very little on my own. The teacher modeled a lot for me, which I found really helpful. Of course my fingers were itching to make everything, and my pride pushed me to want to do it all on my own, but I'm glad that this first time around I just got to be guided very slowly in how clay works. Always a pair of hands to help me center the clay, pull it up, and finish it off. Everyone said I would become addicted, but I can't say I feel that way. I will be taking the class in the fall, but not with the hopes of becoming great at pottery, but to quench the need to be something other than a teacher, use my mind in a different way and to get my hands dirty. I like the feeling of trying to write with the wrong hand. Being ambidextrous is a valuable thing.