Monday, October 11, 2010

A Home

I have been obsessing over trying to find a house to rent or buy. I seriously doubt Matt and I will be approved for any loan, but my head is up in the clouds, and hearing a refusal would probably pop my bubble and send me spinning back down to earth. So Matt and I are of course falling in love with houses daily. I imagine a garden, chickens, a bee hive, flowers, and freshly painted walls. Here are two we would love to live in.

Things I love:
1. The wrap around porch
2. the stair rail that wraps around
3. the five acres of land!
4. the hard wood floor
5. the location
Glencoe Mill Village:

Things I love:
1. The awesome open cabinets in the kitchen
2. The two old,claw foot bathtubs, one is even in a bedroom with a wrap around curtain!
3. hard wood floors
4. fireplace
5. it's cheap

I would really be excited if this houses were for rent.

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