Sunday, April 4, 2010

Heat Wave

Sweltering hot and only the first week in April. April is cool breezes, rain showers, cold dew in the morning, and always unpredictable. Where is spring? All anyone can talk about around here is how to avoid turning on the AC.

I got to get my hands dirty again, this time really feeling the sweat and heat. A little taste of the torture I will endure this summer. My garden is starting to fill up! Cilantro, parsley, and borage are planted, but I think I might have planted them too deep. They might not make it up to see the light of day. Insert sad face here. But now I have a row of red onions, lavender, cinnamon basil, sweet basil, and radishes. I've always liked deer, such sweet and quiet creatures. But if one of those doe-eyed animals decides my onions will make a sweet snack, I might be tempted to go hunting come this September...or invest in a crazy, electric deer fence.

My dad is thirty some years older than I am yet could have done five-times the amount of work as I did. I've got to build up some endurance to withstand the heat and back aches. There is something very satisfying about doing physical labor. I don't experience it often, but I do know that my beer tasted better and a bath felt luxurious.

Baking disaster #193: Red Velvet Cake
Kevin requested a red velvet cake for his birthday, so I made him banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. They were truly yummy. But mom wanted another cake made for the weekend and I had to cave in and try the trashiest cake known to humanity, red velvet. The name reminds me of molded carpet heavy with the scent of cigarettes. Three tablespoons of red food coloring made the cake smell like play dough and taste like it too. Never again, never again. At least it looked pretty. Oh, and the frosting was good. Everybody ate the frosting.

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