Sunday, March 7, 2010


Today was all smiles. It was a time to sketch down images, comments, and thoughts deep into ones memory and keep them in a special place. Warmth and sun arrived.

Good memory #1: Starting the garden

Dad and I walked out to the over grown plot where he had once planted watermelons, but had recently used the area to burn branches and what not. Matt and I removed the rocks and sticks, along with old pottery and glass from decades, maybe a century ago. Dad informed me that the tractor didn't have breaks and since there was a dropping slope at the end of the garden, he should do the driving, not me. I tried not to seem too disappointed. Already more help then I wanted. I wish I had brought my camera. It was the prettiest dirt I have ever seen. Red clay was present, but Dad said it was a special kind of red clay, and lots of dark, almost black soil. I picked up earth worm after earth worm, bigger than the last, feeling sorry that I had disturbed there winter slumber. So that's all that was accomplished today on the garden. Next week, after the soil has dried Dad will have to use a harrow to "hare" the garden. Then I have to apply tons of composted cow manure to it. A good couple of inches worth. Then I can sow cilantro and lettuce since they can germinate and grow in cooler temperatures.

Good memory #2: Spending time with the family

My great aunt Helen brought over an old eight millimeter video filmed back in the fifties. We all watched the children riding around on ponies, my Nanny dancing and acting silly like she always did, Little Granny shacking her head, Big Granny sweeping the porch, Charlie Beal, my great grandfather, wearing a woman's hat and a blanket pretending to be an old lady. My aunt leaned over and said to me, "That's what I liked most about Nanny. She always had a good time." That is still a big deal to everyone in my family. You always need to have a good time. I couldn't get over the flowers in the video. Giant red roses growing up the side of a building, rows of huge irises in pastels. It was inspirational. Once I get this vegetable garden down, I'm moving on to flowers. Less practical, but more beautiful.

Good memory #3: Getting to chat with Whitney whom I haven't seen since May. So excited to learn that she also got a sewing machine for Christmas and is getting frustrated with sewing. Kindred spirits we are! Plans are in the making for spending time together.

So, nothing is especially unique or rare about today, but everything has made it a day to remember.

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