Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Rare Day

Snow days are so rare here that when one comes along I seem to take advantage of every minute. All the white causes some bizarre energy. As much as I love snow, I have to disagree with Matt when he suggest we move to a place where you have to shovel your car out a pile of snow to go to work. We cherish the snow better around these parts anyway. This has been the first day where I don't feel puzzled at where the time has gone. I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, threaded my sewing machine all by myself, sewed a wallet, took a walk outside with Matt, and made a chocolate cake with a homemade marshmallow topping. Today I tackled things have been too scared to do in the past. Snow is sort of magical that way.
I love that Matt and I are both learning something together. No Matt hasn't picked up sewing, but as I hunch over my machine cursing, Matt is plucking his banjo. I was worried when we got these grand Christmas presents that we were being over ambitious and would ultimately neglect them. I am happy to say we've both made progress and have learned a great deal.

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